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Best 10 Creative Handmade Cake Toppers For Christmas

Posted at: 2019-02-16 8:35:29
Give your Christmas cake a creative touch with the addition of cake decoration from Itopia. Here I have collected best 10 handmade Christmas toppers for all cake lovers to choose from. 

The luscious dessert or cake must be tweaked with the holiday cheer with utmost perfection. Anybody could throw a few bought decorative items on the cake, but it requires creativity to master the art of decorating a cake. Especially the Christmas cake décor. It is hard to master, right? Don't worry, to make things easier, in this post, we offer best 10 handmade cake toppers for your Christmas celebrations out there that could help bloom your Christmas cake. 

Christmas Cake Toppers

Top handmade Christmas Cake Topper

With Christmas cake toppers from Itopia , the cake at your event isn't just any old cake — it could be the centerpiece, with a cake topper that adds to the celebration.

  • Make a special cake looks special to shows off the personality of the honored guest or guests.
  • Top the cake off to commemorate the occasion and get everyone in a festive spirit.
  • Hundreds of unique, fancy, and cheap holiday cake toppers are waiting for you to choose from

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Top 1. Mini wreath Topper for Cupcake

Top 2. Golden Reindeer Topper

Top 3. Adorable Axe Topper

Top 4. Merry Christmas Topper

Top 5. Glory Leaf Topper

Top 6. Silver Leaf Topper

Top 7. Red Boot Topper

Top 8. Festival Leaf Topper

Top 9. Snowflake Topper

Top 10. Christmas Tree Topper


Top 10 handmade Christmas Cupcake Cake Toppers 

For choosing Christmas cake toppers, different people have different ideas. While parents go for a more cartoon-themed Christmas cakes, childless couples are seen opting for the more rustic ones. There are so many different Christmas cake topper designs available here, particularly for the cupcakes, that will save your time in designing your Xmas party cupcakes. The choice is yours; get some Christmas cake decor ideas from below as well. 

1. Mini wreath Topper for Cupcake 

Mini wreath Topper for Cupcake

A mini set of warm holiday wreaths in all different hues and styles is the perfect way to brighten up your Christmas cake with color and cheer! It is soft and you can be rest assured that the needles won't fall on your cake. With the ribbon, bell and "Merry Christmas" glued on, this Green Christmas Wreath Topper would look beyond stunning on a cake and even a gateau. 

2. Golden Reindeer Topper 

Golden Reindeer Topper

If you're making chocolate mousse cake roll this Christmas, this dainty reindeer topper would make a more than perfect topper for him. The little reindeer is coated in golden and using it for topping will add some sparkle to your Christmas cakes. 

3. Adorable Axe Topper 

Adorable Axe Topper

This fun miniature hatchet is just perfect for your woodland, boy scout or camping themed cupcakes, log cakes and goodies! You may love the textured wood-grain handles, though it is plastic. Besides, glitter is our favorite way to glam up anything, including baked goods (and especially around the holidays). So the golden sparkling axe topper will bring on the bling! 

Save this kind of cake topper as a keepsake after the party and display it as a lovely decoration in your home. So wonderful! Isn't it? 

4. Merry Christmas Topper 

Merry Christmas Topper

Get your entire family into the Christmas spirit with this gorgeous Merry Christmas cake topper. Made from mirror gold acrylic, this shiny topper will look great on any cake and with any Xmas party reception decorations. 

You can't go wrong giving this Merry Christmas ornaments as gifts! And you could personalize it with your own permanent marker for using on different occasions like birthday, wedding, etc. as well. 

5. Glory Leaf Topper

Glory Leaf Topper

This glory golden leaf topper would add a wonderful touch to your Christmas cake. It will even make a sparkling centerpiece, which each one in your family will adore. Since this topper itself is quite showy on their own, you can keep the cake subtle with a simple vanilla or white chocolate frosting. 

6. Silver Leaf Topper 

Silver Leaf Topper

Here is another luxurious Christmas cake topper. Have you ever seen a Christmas cake so pretty? We bet you haven't. Since this silver leaf topper fits the modern spirit, you just need a handful of simple fruits and some snowflake toppers from Itopia as cake accessory to create this mind blowing cake. You can also create a similar snow scape by dusting some powdered sugar on your cake. 

7. Red Boot Topper

Red Boot Topper

This lovely Red Boot cake topper is basically the joyful message, "Merry Christmas", which makes it even more holiday friendly. Add some cheer to your table by decorating your delish chocolate mousse cake, cupcakes, tarts or muffins with this adorable Christmas cake topper. It is easily to be inserted it on your cake. 

8. Festival Leaf Topper 

Festival Leaf Topper

If you're in the mood of DIY, why not choose this shimmery and glamorous cake topper for your too pretty to eat Christmas cake? This 100% handmade festival leaf cake topper would work amazingly and classy against light or neutral colored cupcakes. Or you could create an entire winter wonderland on the cake and use the Rudolf red-nosed reindeer ceramic cup from Itopia to put your dessert in beforehand. 

9. Snowflake Topper 

Snowflake Topper

How about topping your Christmas cake with the neat snowflake? This snowflake cake topper is plastic, but it looks vivid. It can be used to top a variety of desserts as well. And we're hundred percent sure everyone will love it. 

10. Christmas Tree Topper 

Christmas Tree Topper

A delish fruitcake with fluffy white frosting is deserved to be topped with the evergreen Christmas tree topper. It is basically a tiny tree made out of artificial pine. The "Merry Christmas" character would spread your sweet holiday cheer. And the golden star and red berries are suitable to dress up your plain, ho-hum Christmas cake. 

Imagine how delightful your Christmas cake will look with this adorable topper perched on it? If you've made a small sized cake, this topper would look great on its own, and if you're planning to make a large festive cake, add a few more decorations along with it. 


So what are you waiting for? Put on your apron or your creative hat and start making these similar Christmas cake toppers right away. Or if you're feeling lazy, it doesn't matter. Get these great cake decorations from Itopia online which is 100% handmade. And how are you planning to decorate your Christmas cake? Did you like any of these creative Christmas cake toppers as above? Share with us in the comments below. 

Best cake topper to bloom your Christmas cake

Best cake topper to bloom your Christmas cake

Many customers love keeping their Xmas cake toppers after the party, as a sweet reminder of this special day. For those who are planning a party for someone else, a Christmas cake topper becomes a fun extra gift they can take home. These cake toppers can get people talking and get guests excited about a mouthwatering dessert.

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