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Kids Cake Toppers: 5 Cute Ways To Top Your Cake

Posted at: 2019-02-16 8:43:24
Planning an epic celebration for your child? Check out the top 5 cute Cake Toppers for kids that children everywhere are raving about.

A cute cake topper can quickly transform even the most simple of cakes into something quite exciting for kids. But, did you know that there are a wide variety of cute kids cake toppers that you don't need to create yourself? Here, we've rounded-up 5 of the most fun, festive, and fabulous cake toppers for kids that you could purchase, even if you're on a strict party planning budget. In fact, they are DIY by Itopia, which are affordable. The only worry? That your newly adorned cake might look too good to pick off the topper…

Perfect Kids Cake Topper

Perfect Kids Cake Topper for you

Dazzle up your cupcakes with these Itopia's adorable cake toppers! They are the perfect addition to birthday parties, baby showers or holiday celebration activities for kids.

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Top 1: Sunflower Paper card

Top 2: Little bee Card

Top 3: Hello Frog Card

Top 4: Thankful Panda Card

Top 5: Sunny Orange Card

5 Cute Cake Toppers for Kids Review

Top 1. Sunflower Paper card

Sunflower Paper card

I love that all it takes to upgrade a white cake to magical and charming upgrade is this eye-catching sunflower cake topper. It sets the mood for a fun time. 

The "Let's Enjoy" letter matches your kids indoor party decorations perfectly. Kids will love all the colorful embellishments including this one. Besides, it is FDA approved print and ready to use on all your baked goods including some citrus fruit cakes.

Top 2. Little bee Card

Little bee Card

Use this ready-made little bee paper card from Itopia for a kid's birthday cake by using fun splashes of color instead. Perfect for a "mommy to bee" shower or a "what will it bee" gender reveal!! 

This lifelike printed bee looks too cute to even take off the cake! You can easily even change the colors too to suit a boy's or girl's celebration. If you want something that wasn't to large since your are only doing a small cake, this item is perfect. 

What's more, it is thicker paper which can't be ripped easily. And it will be arrived neatly packed to protect from any damage during transit.

Top 3. Hello Frog Card

Hello Frog Card

A picture tells a thousand words. Look! This realistic Do, Re, Mi frog is saying hello to you and it seems like it greets us with bursts of song "Do, Re, Mi", which demonstrates you're welcomed to the party. 

This cupcake Hello Frog card would be a great addition to a Frog birthday party or a Frog theme party. With delightful bee decorations like this, it'd be hard not to get into the spirit of celebrating. 

Who knew that such a simple decoration could look so fabulous?

Top 4: Thankful Panda Card

Thankful Panda Card

This adorable Panda Card with "Thank you always" words is great for any of your thanksgiving party treats for children! The kids are going to enjoy and the parents are going to love your idea. 

It is ready to use for miniature garden ornaments and dollhouse. You can even build a fairy world that looks wonderful. After the party, festival or birthday, it can be given as gifts to anyone loves pandas, since the material is durable.

Top 5. Sunny Orange Card

Sunny Orange Card

If your little cub loves fruits, she or he will love this cute Sunny Orange Paper Card. Add this interesting "Have a bite" Sunny Orange Cake Topper or Cupcake Decoration to your little ones' birthday parties, baby showers, and much more... 

This is another great way to add extra fun. This is just the thing to transform any cake from boring to beautiful. It's be hard not to have a wonderful party with this dainty design.

Overall, your cake would look striking on table with all the above Cake Toppers for Kids. There are different cupcake toppers to match your indoor party package theme. Why not choose one from these cute kids cake toppers and bring your delectable dessert to new heights. They're all handmade and incredibly easy to use.

Best Cake Toppers for Kids

Best Cake Toppers for Kids

When a cake turns into an absolute work of art, this is what it looks like! Itopia has a wide selection of DIY cake toppers for kids for you to pick from, which will delight your friends, kids and family members on special days.

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