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Best 4 Wreath Toppers - Give Your Xmas Cake The Perfect Finishing Touch

Posted at: 2019-02-16 8:38:28
Decorate your family Christmas cake or dessert with these best 4 Gorgeous Wreath Toppers. All of them have elegant design and hope there is one that suits your taste!

Merry Christmas! People love creating playful ways to celebrate the Christmas holiday, especially when it comes to Xmas cakes and desserts. If you're running out of ideas on how to decorate your cake or dessert at this special Christmas, why not take a look at these 4 gorgeous Wreath Cake Toppers for Christmas from Itopia below? 

Cake Decoration Ideas

Get Wreath Cake Toppers to add a tasteful feeling to cake

Itopia offers different kinds of precious Wreath Christmas cake toppers for the bakery stories. The following festival wreath cake toppers may serve as a perfect addition for your Christmas cake, and crown the top of your cake. They also make a great Christmas gift for the guests! Sometimes, cute not just for cup cakes but other Christmas accents!

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Top 1. Jingle Bell Wreath Cake Topper

Top 2. Golden Bow-knot Wreath Cake Topper

Top 3. Green Christmas Wreath Cake Topper

Top 4. Red Christmas Wreath Cake Topper


Best 4 Wreath Cake/Dessert Toppers for Christmas

Top 1 Jingle Bell Wreath Cake Topper

Jingle Bell Wreath Cake Topper

If you are short on time to decorate this festive season, a simple topping of white fondant, shaped to create an overhanging snow effect, with jingle bell wreath and ribbon bow on the cake, is the perfect time-saving Christmas cake decorating idea.

You can purchase this Jingle Bell Wreath cake topper from Itopia. We got crafty with hot-gluing the pine needle to an evergreen-base wreath. Add colorful ribbons, berry ornaments and Merry Christmas character between the hoop using hot glue or wire. 

Wreath cake topper for dessert

You could also your dessert with this elegant jingle bell wreath cake topper. It will give your dessert or fruit the perfect finishing touch!

Top 2 Golden Bow-knot Wreath Cake Topper 

Golden Bow-knot Wreath Cake Topper

Depending on the background and room lighting, you could choose another cake topper with bright color. This Golden Bow-knot Wreath Cake Topper looks well on light fruit cake or Chocolate Yule log. You could get into the spirit of holidays when having the subtle taste. 

Top 3 Green Christmas Wreath Cake Topper

Green Christmas Wreath Cake Topper

The best part is you can buy them with minimal expense, but they look like a million bucks! This green wreath cake topper looks small and exquisite with the best price for you. It features traditional jingle bells, festive wreath and a silver Merry Christmas character. It could be the perfect Christmas cake or dessert decoration and be bought out year after year. 

Top 4 Red Christmas Wreath Cake Topper 

Red Christmas Wreath Cake Topper

This is the topper with red Wreath and golden Merry Christmas character. Christmas has tons of over the top delicious cakes and desserts. It won't take even 5 seconds of your time to top this luxury mini wreaths on your baked good to enhance the beauty.

Your guests will love this cute Red Christmas Wreath Cake Topper that doubles as a favor gift that they can take home and hang on their own Christmas tree by removing the prod. As this ornament hangs on their tree they will always be reminded of the great time they had at your dinner party! 


Now top your Christmas cake with these gorgeous Wreath Cake Topper above! All of them are perfect for adorning your goodies this festive season! These DIY cake topper couldn't be cuter! You could personalize your design and even get your family name delicately engraved in the centre. When the cake's been eaten, remove the sticks, loop a string through the top and hang it up for a pretty decoration. Welcome to share more tips to make your cake or dessert perfect for celebrating the Christmas season by commenting below! 

Merry Christmas and enjoy a marvelous Christmas time with families and kids! 

decorate Christmas cake

Choose the best Wreath Cake Topper

Want to make your Christmas cake special and unique? Our Wreath Cake Toppers for Christmas are the little details able to make your meal fantastic. If you want to create a little fairy-tale for you and your guests we are ready to help you!

Let's pay attention to the way your cake looks in order to make your Christmas party memorable and outstanding and create a pleasant atmosphere throughout the celebrations.

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