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A Recommended List Of Christmas Cake Toppers For Children 

Posted at: 2019-02-16 8:52:39
If you are hosting a Christmas party, browse our selection of cute Christmas cake toppers for kids. Find inspiration for your next Xmas cake decorating for children. 

Christmas is a season filled with love, and festivities. What do you want to do during Christmas? Travelling? Shopping? This year, let's just spend more time and energy with our family and kids on holiday. Being one of the Christmas cake crafters is a good idea, and you may be standing there and checking these cute Christmas cake toppers for kids.

Christmas cake toppers for kids

Select unique Xmas Cake Topper for kids

Personalize your Christmas desert with unique cake decorations here. These Christmas cake toppers for kids are all carefully selected and designed to ensure you of the greatest enjoyment and satisfaction at for Christmas parties.

  • They always apply the most popular Christmas elements
  • They are super durable, Long Lasting.
  • Non-Toxic. Meet US Food Standard. Safety Test Approved. CPSIA Compliant.

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Top 1. Santa Clause Card

Top 2. Gift Pack Cake Topper

Top 3. Snowman Cake Topper

Top 4. Red Ring Bell

Top 5. Yellow Gingerbread Man

A Compilation of Xmas cake toppers for kids

Top 1. Santa Clause Card

Santa Clause Card

Nothing says Christmas quite like a Santa Claus! I bet probably only the man who comes from other planets and doesn't have the Xmas tradition don't know this. Santa Claus is one of children's favourite festive characters. Traditionally, kids hang their own stockings above the fireplace, ready for Santa Claus to visit. Plump and jolly, Santa is full of Christmas cheer - the Santa Claus cake topper carrying the bag full of gifts is sure to make your cake looks festive at Christmas time. 

Note: This paper card has full food contact approval and it could be inserted it on your cake or dessert easily. Please remember the back of the topper is white. 

2. Gift Pack Cake Topper

Gift Pack Cake Topper

It is the perfect decorating idea to put this cute gift pack cake topper (Green/Blue) onto your cupcake, dessert, or party food this festive season for a fun finishing touch. The cake topper features the mini gift pack. Which kid doesn't get excited when seeing this adorable topper on the delicious cake? It is realistic, which reminds the parents it might be time to break out their loving gift for children. 

Note: You can choose your preferred Christmas colors for this pick to make sure it is perfect for your Christmas day celebrations. If you think it is plain and dull in colouring, you could also compliment it with other cake toppers from Itopia to create the perfect festive scene. 

3. Snowman Cake Topper

Snowman Cake Topper

If you enjoy baking or a great activity to do with children at home for a Xmas party centre piece, this snowman cake topper guaranteed to brighten up your baked goods at Christmas party. You could transform a simple cake, cupcakes or even a platter of food into a vivid snowscape. 

Featuring a cute little felt snowman head design with eyes, mouth, red nose, blue hat and white flower on the pick, this cake topper can be used on any centrepiece throughout the Christmas period and makes a lovely addition to any Christmas party or drinks. 

Note: Only the plastic pick is approved to be a 'food contact substance' and could meet your food directly. 

4. Red Ring Bell

Christmas Wreath Topper

Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way; Oh! what fun it is to ride, In a one-horse open sleigh…

Tell me who can spend his Christmas Day without singing this best-known Merry Christmas song? There's nothing better than preparing Jingle bell related decorations at Christmas, so why not decorate your cake or mince pies with this Christmas ring and Jingle bell insert card? 

Part of the beauty of a Christmas cake is the look of it - before you cut into it for the first time, and while it hangs around after Christmas Day! The addition of this pretty Red Ring Bell cake topper really adds to the family atmosphere at Christmas. Your kids will surely love it!!! 

Note: The paper cards is food safe and inedible. All the design is creative and unmatched. 

5. Yellow Gingerbread Man

Gingerbread man Topper

Decorate your Christmas cakes over the festive period with this yellow gingerbread man cake topper, which is bound to be a hit with your guests and kids. Furry and eye catching, it is perfect for boys and girls of all ages on the party. Also, it features a lovely gingerbread man with scarf, which is ideal for Christmas parties or family gatherings to add a bit of sparkle. 

Note: It is handmade and only for decoration purposes only, Not edible and please do NOT place in oven or microwave. 

At Itopia, we believe in only the finest materials and techniques for the most wonderful time of the year including all the big events and holidays. And each is inspected thoroughly before dispatch. Now freely complete your Christmas cake with the above beautiful cake toppers for kids!

Of course, they will be sure to be loved by everyone in the family and made all the more special as it features your loved Christmas items. Maybe you may not remember all the details in the Christmas party, but your unique cake toppers will be often thought of. 

Christmas cake topper for children

Get the best Christmas cake topper for children

All these Christmas cake toppers for children with superior quality will add a special tasteful touch to your Xmas celebration for kids. 100% safe. Merry Christmas and impressed your kids' friends with these cute cake toppers. They Will Love It !!! -

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