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Top 5 Glitter Cake Toppers For Christmas Cake Decoration

Posted at: 2019-02-16 8:48:45
If you are a wholesaler for glitter cake toppers, you may be planning to pick up a proper one for your interest. Here is a review of top 5 glitter cake toppers for Christmas party cake decoration.

It's Christmas season, which means that's it's official time to hang some sparkling lights, trim a Christmas tree and bake something sugary (while sneaking a few bites, of course). Just in case the big baking day for Christmas is in the near future, we thought we'd share a review of the top 5 glitter cake toppers which will add a touch of sparkle to your delicious Christmas cake. If you are a wholesaler who are thinking about purchasing some glitter cake decoration tools for Xmas, you can discover here and select the the suitable glitter toppers from Itopia for your customers.

glitter cake toppers

The most appropriate glitter cake toppers

This Itopia's glitter cake topper for Xmas is the perfect way to dress up Christmas party desserts.

  • It is very easy to install on many different types of cakes
  • It's much easier to top the cake with this instead of writing on the cake
  • It is very inexpensive and adds extra sparkle to your cake or dessert
  • It matches with the Xmas party decor perfectly
  • It features plastic sticks on the end which is food grade.

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Top 1. Round Snowflake Topper

Top 2. Christmas Tree Insertion

Top 3. Reindeer Topper

Top 4. Merry Christmas Topper

Top 5. Carriage Topper

Top 5 Glitter cake toppers for Christmas cake decoration

Top 1. Round Snowflake Topper

It is not Christmas without saying "Merry Christmas", which makes a perfect phrase to top the Christmas cake. Incredibly versatile, the acrylic cake topper simply spells out "Merry Christmas" in sparkling gold script, and comes equipped with an acrylic stem that allows it to be attached to any sort of cake.

With the round shape and snowflake built-in, this Round Snowflake Topper is sure to create a memorable celebration for you and your guests. When your guests have finished, this topper is disposable for easy cleanup. Also it is very affordable. Because it's made with food grade pick, you can simply stick the topper into your dessert to decorate.

Top 2. Christmas Tree Insertion

Christmas Tree Insertion

While no one can say no to a slice of cake, the Christmas Tree Insertion makes sure the details are as festival as your Christmas party. Your cakes will stand out from the crowd when they're all decked out in these cone-shaped tree toppers.

Designed to sit atop your cake, finish is perfectly safe to be used with food. Every cake topper comes with a plastic pick, and you can position and place your topper with ease, without concern that it will sink in or topple off.

A simple but elegant, cursive font was chosen for the "Merry Christmas" words, making your cake topper as special as your event. Well, look, there is a star at the top too. I believe everyone will want to bond with the person who brings such a brilliant treat.

Top 3. Reindeer Topper

Reindeer Topper

This particular piece is finished in elegant and luminous gold, with an added effect of glitter to make this topper the star of the party! Smooth but durable, the Reindeer Topper can be placed on any size of cake to instantly amplify its appeal. And the reindeer is running and fits the modern spirit. We use textured material to craft them with love.

Top 4. Merry Christmas Topper

Merry Christmas Topper

You could also decorate your cakes or cupcakes with this creative gold glitter Merry Christmas cake topper! It is sure to bring attention to your desserts and give them an extra sparkle.

Plus, the glitter won't flake off onto your cake, leaving it safe and ready to devour! For all Christmas parties and all cakes that could use a pinch of pizazz, this Gold Glitter Cake Topper is just the thing!

Top 5. Carriage Topper

Carriage Topper

Christmas cake has never looked so good, thanks to this charming Carriage Topper. This personalized glitter Carriage cake topper makes the perfect addition to your party!

This cake topper will look absolutely gorgeous and sparkly in all of your photo's. It adds that special wow factor to all your decorations for the celebration. Don't forget to "snowscape" with a dusting of powdered sugar.

Based on the sharing above, you might grasp 5 best glitter cake toppers. All you need to do is to read our reviews carefully and pick up your favorite one according to your situations. All the options could make your DIY cake look like it was created and designed from a professional! Note that they can be made in any number, wording, design and you can also change the color if you like. All cake toppers are one sided.

the best glitter cake topper

Choose the best glitter cake topper now

We've made decorating and personalizing your cake beautiful with the glitter cake toppers from Itopia. Top the most special cake you'll ever enjoy with our glitter cake toppers. The simple design is a great classic choice, as it blends seamlessly with a variety of holiday décors.

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