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Artificial Christmas Tree Cake Topper- Mini But Impressive!

Posted at: 2019-02-16 8:42:05
Want to make your cakes looks brighter and impressive? Try our Mini artificial Christmas tree cake topper, which will highlight your favorites as well as fabulous Christmas decoration ideas.

As we know, it's just not Christmas without a tree. There's nothing more festive than the sight of Christmas trees and now you can have them on top of whatever you bake this season. So this beautiful Mini Christmas Tree Cake Topper is an easy craft to take a holiday cake over the top! You know it is adorable, but rather complex for you to DIY? Then consider the ready-made artificial Christmas Tree Cake Topper from Itopia below!

Ace Christmas Tree Cake Topper at holiday season

This year, why not conjure up a festive winter forest on top of your Christmas cake or add an extra bright to a batch of party season cupcakes with  Christmas Tree Toppers?

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Part 1: Best Christmas tree cake topper Recommended

Part 2: Why choose this Christmas Tree Topper

An impressive artificial Christmas Tree Cake Topper

1. Best Christmas tree cake topper Recommended

Best Christmas tree cake topper

When you've taken time and care to create your own special celebration bakes and cupcakes, the finishing touches have to be just right – so we carefully select quality cake toppers to give your home-bakes the finishing touches they deserve.

Now get in the spirit of Christmas with Itopia's mini Christmas Tree Cake Topper. Nothing makes your Christmas Cupcakes or cakes look quite as inviting and festive as the Christmas tree.

Care for your product: Wash your cake topper with warm soapy water, rinse and pat dry. With gentle handling you may re-use the cake topper time and time again!

2. Why choose this Christmas Tree Topper

a. Pretty Look 

Christmas tree cake topper

Unlike some dim and dark Christmas Tree cake topper, this Christmas cake topper is bright. The small gold beads are hot glued onto the bright green artificial Christmas tree to fill in the gaps so as to add a touch of color. 

The red berries look full and luscious. They decorate festival on a chilly winter day and recall of the pray for love beside the stove fire, in that snowy winter.

Meanwhile, it is top with 3D plastic star, which is sprayed with glitter. It will be outstanding on any type of cakes or desserts. 

Also at the bottom, the Merry Christmas gold letters will bring you to the next level of joy when enjoying the delicious cakes with your family and friends at home.

b. 100% Safe

The food grade pick is eco-friendly and durable for inserting into the cake. It is FDA approved for use in contact with food and inedible. All of them are handmade to create a pretty Xmas scene to bring to the table. 

c. Multiple Use

This small evergreen pine tree Cake Topper from Itopia is great for holiday cakes and cupcakes, woodland decor, miniature landscapes, and the inside of homemade snow globes! You could even place this mini artificial tree outside your gingerbread house. Plus, the green color suits every cake.

d. Easy to insert

It's easy to use - simply push into the cake, and you're done! It can even be kept as a special moment after the big party.

e. Premium Quality 

If you are looking for a quality keepsake after the celebration, choose this Christmas tree cake topper, which is made of PE.


When choosing artificial Christmas trees cake toppers, have you ever considered the quality of the artificial tree cake topper you're buying? Did you know that artificial trees made using PE and PVC are completely different in look, feel and durability?

It's no secret that the use of PVC for Christmas trees has been considered as standard for decades; until now, the majority of artificial Christmas trees available on the market have been constructed using only PVC (polyvinyl chloride). 

Colored sheets of compressed PVC are used to create realistic tree needles, by cutting the material into long flat rectangular shapes before being twisted between two strings of wire to act as tree branches. While artificial PVC trees look relatively realistic from afar, they're renowned for looking incredibly fake when seen up close due the rectangular nature of the needles. Having said that, they are still a very popular alternative to real Christmas trees as they are so inexpensive. 

PE (Polyethylene) trees on the other hand are now considered to be the only material that manages to replicate the look of a real-life Christmas tree. 

Unlike PVC Christmas trees which are made using cut-out PVC material, PE trees are injection moulded and completely 3 dimensional using branches from real trees, resulting in an instant realistic-looking Christmas tree. Therefore, the 3D needles are much more life-like than the average flat PVC needles. In other words, the more PE you have, the more realistic your tree will be! However, due to the evident quality of PE Christmas trees, they are considered to be a little more pricey than regular PVC trees, which is why PVC trees still remain so popular today.

>> Check more reasons to choose Itopia here

Now you got the decoration ideas for your cake. What are you waiting for? Got the impressive artificial mini Christmas tree cake topper as your perfect craft to decorate the yummy cakes for your family and relatives. You could show off your cake with its sophisticated design. Right? Go and enjoy your eve!

Or add some sparkle to all your sweet and savory delights this festive season with these glitter Golden Reindeer or Silver snowflake cake toppers! 

artificial mini Christmas tree cake topper

Seek out one satisfying artificial mini Christmas tree cake topper

This artificial mini Christmas tree cake topper features Christmas tree along with Merry Christmas character with picks. Ideal for Christmas cake, pudding or dessert. It makes an easy decorating solution to add a professional touch to your seasonal celebrations. Simply press onto your cake or dessert for that perfect festive finish.

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