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3 Tips For Perfect Christmas Cake Topper Picking

Posted at: 2019-02-16 8:44:48
In a fuss over which Christmas cake topper to choose, or just now considering one? This post is for you to choose the perfect and unique cake topper for your Christmas holiday.

When it comes to Christmas activities, we immediately think about shopping, playing cards and watching TV. But don’t forget, you could also hold a Christmas party and host some people to taste some delicious cakes you baked. However, if you need to show off yourself, you will end up not knowing the skills to decorate the cakes you made.

Wouldn't you want your cakes to look as gorgeous as this special holiday? Then the Christmas toppers picking process is the one that can't be overlooked. That's why we came up with these 3 tips to help you with the hunt for your perfect Christmas Cake Topper. Read on! 

Christmas Cake Topper

Perfect Christmas Cake Topper for you

With the perfect Christmas Cake Topper - Itopia Christmas Decoration, you are able to

  • Express your blessing for your family and guests
  • Get in the spirit of the Christmas season
  • Take your cakes to a new lever of elegant

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Part 1: What do you want to express on your Christmas cake topper?

Part 2: Does your topper matches your party color scheme?

Part 3: Is it easy to install or not?

3 Ways to choose a Perfect Christmas Cake Topper 

1. What do you want to express on your Christmas cake topper?

express your feelling

A Christmas Cake Topper oftentimes makes your reception decorations more cohesive and festive. If you want it to be unique, you can select a topper that has creative design. Instead of the traditional metallic twist ties and ribbon, you could top your Christmas cake with reindeer, golden axe, Jingle Bell wreath, leaf decoration and Merry Christmas cake toppers from Itopia and show all the guests your favorite Christmas figure.

Here Itopia offers an extensive range of festive decorations, all of which is handmade to suit your Christmas cake idea for you to choose from.

Some modern cake toppers are made up of words like "Merry Christmas". I have to say this one will have a special place in my heart since I could custom the words as my desired one and express my blessing. Isn't it? <Learn the reason why we choose Itopia>

2. Does your topper matches your party color scheme? 

party color scheme

You can match the topper to the Christmas party and coordinate it with the theme or arrangement. If you are concerned your Christmas topper might clash with other decorations, match it with your party color scheme.

Think of items associated with the color scheme of your Xmas. For example: For a white/blue scheme, you might choose snowflakes. A red and green scheme could be matched with Christmas tree wreath toppers. If you wanna hold Christmas party for kids, choose some cartoon items and pink or while color to create a cute or pure scene.

3. Is it easy to install or not? 


Some cake toppers have resin pick and can be inserted into your cake easily. But some ones don't have a solid base beneath them, so if you have your heart set on displaying one after the special Christmas day, keep in mind that you'll have to purchase a base for it. Or, just be sure to buy a cake topper with one already "built in". 

Actually, for a perfect Christmas cake, you will find several options to choose from Itopia. All of them are easy to use and installation.

Then, what kind of cake topper will you opt for, guys? At Itopia, more than 50 million of users have chosen their suitable handmade cake topper for not only Christmas, but also 1000+ occasions including the engagement, birthday, etc. Tell me in the comments below! 

Let's enjoy the Christmas party with some sweetness without concerning about choosing the perfect Christmas cake topper!

Christmas Party

Best Solution to decorate Christmas cake

Itopia's cake toppers, including Snowflake, Santa Clause, Christmas tree, Santa hats, reindeer, snowman, carriage, red boot, cute penguin and so on, are capable of expressing your feelings, fitting you preferred styles and matching your party color scheme.

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